Content Hacking: The Mindset Every Content Strategist Should Adopt

A new trend is changing marketing as we know it.

Growth hacking throws out the old-school marketing mindset and focuses on a measurable feedback loop based on testing assumptions and iterating based on feedback.

Instead of blindly pursuing something, growth hackers remove risk by backing every move with data. It’s a mindset that values efficiency above all else. No wasted time. No wasted money. No wasted energy.

Every movement has a point. And every movement is measured. Instead of acting out of intuition, the growth hacker acts only according to relevant information.

If it’s possible to track, they’re tracking it. Because growth hacking at it’s core is all about learning. And good data leads to more insights.

With every move the growth hacker gets smarter. Each step teaches them a little more about their audience. A little more about their offering.

Their learning is based on a simple feedback loop: test, learn and iterate. And they use this to validate their ideas.

What’s Content Hacking?

Content Hacking is where growth hacking and content meets. It’s taking the growth hacker mindset and applying it to a content strategy.

Using your content to test new ideas. New topics. New channels. Using the feedback of each piece of content to inform your future decisions.

By learning to think like a growth hacker you can:

  • Waste less time and money
  • Grow faster and smarter
  • Understand your market/offering better

The 8 Characteristics of a Content Hacker

1. Analytical

The content hacker doesn’t move based on instinct or intuition. They move based on the relevant information they receive. They use analytics to make informed decisions backed by hard data. Like a good statistician they leave their emotion at the door and don’t let it affect their decision making.

2. Ideative

The content hacker is always testing and trying new things. They are constantly forming new hypotheses and testing new assumptions. Each day is a new opportunity to learn. They think outside the box and often try things that other people would not.

3. Opportunistic

The content hacker is always looking to jump on new trends, channels and ideas. They know platforms that haven’t reached critical mass is where the highest return is. They keep their ear to the ground and when they find a trend to exploit, they jump on it. And when a content hacker finds something that works they don’t hesitate to double down.

4. Efficient

The Content Hacker avoids wasting their time, energy and money at all costs. Every movement has a purpose. Every idea has a motive. Every piece of their puzzle has a role. They know time is their most valuable resource, so they are ruthless with their efforts. If something isn’t moving them closer to their goals they cut it without thinking twice.

5. Focused

Content Hackers are laser-focused on their goals. Their success or lack thereof depends on a couple key metrics. This keeps them grounded and working on the things that move the needle. For content hackers this is usually related to growth. And they don’t care how they get there, as long as they do. Being pretty doesn’t matter.

6. Fearless

Content Hackers don’t fear failing. In fact, they welcome it. They use it as a learning experience. They know that failure is a step in the right direction. That failing helps them move on and dismiss ideas that would otherwise waste their time.

7. Inquisitive

Content Hackers are endlessly curious. Everything they do is to learn. And their audience is their teacher. With every move the content creator gets smarter. With every piece of content they learn a little bit more about their audience. With every step they get a little bit better at serving their wants and needs.

8. Collaborative

Growth hackers maximize every bit of effort put forth. Because of this, they value collaboration above all else. They are constantly seeding case studies, white papers and market reports for insights. And when they need help, they have no problem asking for it.

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